Day 1 summarized

Shadowlands day one.

Have to say, except for issues with the load screen trying to zone into Orgrimmar, the initial Maw run went off fine. I was worried when I got to the point where the Beta Client kept crashing my computer, but I made it through. Currently at level 52 and dealing with Bastion. Things are relatively easy to kill in our iLvL 110+ gear, that said with gear rewards at iLvL 90, I suspect things will get tougher as we progress through the other areas we unlock.

Now the bad observation. I thought for sure after we went through Surammar in Legion, having Addiction as an underlying theme, that we were past trying to use the game to bring real life issue into fantasy gaming. But that would be a big nope. We started clearing the bottom of the map, because 10+ years of playing, I know how quest paths work and how easily you can get sidetracked, and what’s the first thing that jumps out to me? An entire race of people struggling with clinical depression, and we are supposed to just click on these people and tell them it’s ok, everything will be fine. Wow.

Dear Blizzard Entertainment. please don’t make a half hearted attempt at issues people in the real world are dealing with. Especially with the majority of the population of the world dealing with anxiety and depression from dealing with near a year of Covid restrictions, and fears. Please just stop. Design your game, but leave the social issues in the real world.

Bad number two. This is a problem I know from experience, and I wish they really wouldn’t design the game this way, but it is what it is. The feeling that you just can’t stop to catch your breath. You think you completed a chapter, just have one more quest to turn in, then bam, you have two more, and a third and fourth just popped up on the map, so you play a little longer, think you have gotten to a good place to log out and a few more pop up. I am not a rat in a maze that you can keep enticing to go further by adding cheese along the way to keep me going. I ended up playing 3 1/2 hours last night. I was ready to be done at 2 1/2. Please stop trying to burn us out by allowing the possibility to max level in one day. As it was I hearthed back to Org, and logged out frustrated and overwhelmed.

That about all for me for day one. I’ve already determined the basic objectives we will be doing, and wish there was a way to skip the dialogs faster. Those 5 second pauses made me cringe, but I can understand if they are done that way for people that have to read the dialog.

Published by Marathal

I play a Shadow Priest on one of the last servers ever created. I wouldn't leave the community we have here for all the progression in the world. Marathal#1809

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